President's Day Clinic

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                                                             BOYS AND GIRLS FROM ANYWHERE!


                                                           First through Eighth graders welcome. 


                                                                          All Skill Levels

Improve your skill set!  Get in the game! Contests, prizes, and fun!  

Due to limited enrollment, there will be no refunds or prorated fees.  All athletes must be registered and receive confirmation prior to the start of camp.  After registration, you should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.  via the "Buy Now" PayPal button on this page or Venmo @nickcataniahoopskills

 Thank you.

Steps we are taking to maximize safety under the current conditions:

  • Drop off and pick-up will be "at the door."  Adults are not permitted inside the gym.

  • We suggest bringing your own basketball; however, if you are comfortable, we will have plenty available. 

  • We suggest bringing your own hand sanitizer to use regularly/we will also provide sanitizer.  

  • We will clean/sanitize any shared equipment before use.

  • Social distancing will be implemented whenever possible.

  • Coaches will wear masks.

  • Athletes need to wear masks.

  • Enrollment will be limited to enable more social distancing.

  • Covid Health questionnaire must be filled out and brought to the clinic.  These will be available to complete online prior to start of camp.

 ***Please be sure to view the waiver on the "Waiver" page of our website so that you may sign off on the registration form.  Please note a new, COVID-19 risk waiver is also available to view there.  By registering your child for camp, you are agreeing to the terms set forth in both the liability and covid waivers.  Please review the registration page to see the steps we are taking to do our best to ensure your child's safety   
Online registration form

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